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Gallery One

These are your pages. If you lend or e-mail us a favourite photo of your pet, we’ll post it here for everyone to admire. Either that or let us take a few shots on your next visit to PAH. (We do reserve the right to crop photographs if necessary to fit our layout.)

To help improve your photos, here are a few tips from a professional:

  • Avoid cluttered backgrounds
  • If using flash, position your pet well away from walls to minimise distracting shadows
  • Don’t aim the camera/flash directly at reflective surfaces
  • Shoot at eye-level, even if it means getting down and dirty
  • Keep shooting; the more photos you take the more likely you are to capture that priceless moment in time

To see a bigger shot, just click the thumbnail. To see more Gallery pages, click the red numbers to the left. To see more of this site, click any link that looks interesting.


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