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If your diabetic pet is due for a glucose curve please call us on 9913 7979 to schedule a day to come in.

Diabetic animals especially early after diagnosis are asked to come in for a day procedure called a Glucose Curve. This will monitor the glucose level at various intervals through the day. It tells the veterinarian how high and low the blood glucose levels are getting and at what time of day this is occurring. The glucose curve allows the vet to adjust the insulin and feeding plan and will alert us if the diabetic management is a problem.

At Pittwater Animal Hospital the Glucose Curve is done at a fixed price which covers

Glucose curves are best done when your feeding and insulin regime has been very stable so we can get a picture of an average day.

On the day of the glucose curve –

  1. Feed and dose your pet with the usual food at the usual time and give the usual amount of insulin.
  2. On arrival your pet will be weighed.
  3. We will ask the insulin dose and times given am and pm.
  4. We will ask for the food type and amount. We will also ask how much water your pet has been drinking. If your pet snacks during the day please bring some food for us to give in hospital.
  5. Blood glucose tests will be taken at intervals during the day
  6. A urine sample will be taken to examine for glucose, ketones or for signs of infection.

Please pick up your pet before it is due food and insulin in the evening. (A pick up time is usually arranged at the morning admission.)

Your veterinarian will analyse the results and within 24 hours decide if any changes are needed in your pet’s diabetic management. 


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