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All the vets at Pittwater Animal Hospital see Guinea Pigs.

Our veterinarian with a special interest in exotic pets is Dr Juliet Smithyman. 

What is the best way to monitor my Guinea Pig's heath?

Weigh, weigh AND WEIGH. 
When you are looking after a small mammal it is very difficult to tell if they are unwell. Most Guinea Pigs weigh about a 1000 grams. If you weigh your Guinea Pig regularly and the weight drops by 100 grams you should be concerned about it’s heath.

My Guinea Pig has a skin problem, what should I do?

One of the more common problems in Guinea Pigs is skin disease. It is well worth consulting with your veterinarian if this happens. Please bring each of your Guinea Pigs, as they may all need medication.


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My Guinea Pig is not eating, is this a problem?

Guinea Pigs who do not eat are very unwell. They quickly develop dental disease, as each day Guinea Pigs need to wear their teeth down.  If this does not happen, your Guinea Pig will quickly develop over-grown teeth.


Signs of an unwell Guinea Pig include

  • not eating
  • moving less
  • weight loss
  • wet around the mouth
  • sunken eyes

If your Guinea Pig is showing these signs it is best to

  Make an Appointment with the Vet

or call us on 9913 7979

Do Guinea Pigs need a special diet?

Guinea Pigs have an unusual requirement for Vitamin C. Most pelleted diets for Guinea Pigs have added Vitamin C but this can degrade as the food gets older.


There are some excellent fresh sources of Vitamin C which include dandelion greens (wash them first), capsicums, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, brussels sprouts, kale, carrots, parsley, broccoli leaves and florets, cauliflower and strawberries. Not only will they be a great source of Vitamin C, but your Guinea Pig will be very excited with the variety of food.

Should I have my Guinea Pigs nails or teeth trimmed?

Some Guinea Pigs do not wear down their nails and benefit from having a nail trim. Your veterinarian can do this.


Over-grown teeth are much more of a problem. Once your Guinea Pig is not wearing it’s teeth normally, the incisors can be trimmed when awake, and molars can be trimmed under a GA. Both of these teeth conditions are serious, difficult health issues which need to be managed.

Should I have my Gunea Pig desexed?

Pittwater animal hospital does not desex Guinea Pigs as we find they have unacceptable complications. If you require your Guinea Pig to be desexed we can recommend a specialist exotics veterinarian.

Does it cost less to have my Guinea Pig examined at the vet?

Guinea Pig diagnosis and handling is a complex and skilled veterinary area. Often Guinea Pig consultations are prolonged, as gentle patient handling is required and extensive history is needed.


To see a veterinarian at Pittwater Animal Hospital a standard consultation fee is charged. For rechecks and nail clips discounted fees apply.


Some complex problems are best addressed by a veterinary specialist. For urgent care it is best to have your Guinea Pig initially assessed by one of our veterinarians.It can be difficult to get a specialist appointment immediately, and early intervention is often needed.


Dr Izidora Sladakovic  (Izzy) up at NVS at Terrey Hills is our closest exotic pet specialist.



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