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Healthy skin needs a little maintenance.

Little Olive is the sweetest French Bulldog. She has healthy skin for her breed but still needs a little maintenance.

The skin folds around her face become warm, moist and sticky then discharge can build up.

Most Frenchies need their face cleaned every day. If not cleaned, they can have a build up of yeast in their facial folds that makes the skin inflamed and itchy.

Olive has been rubbing her face on both sides and has now started to lick her feet. Dr Jill took smears of her ears, face and feet to see if there was any overgrowth of organisms.

Olive’s ears were fabulous. No organisms were visible microscopically.

Her facial folds and feet were hooching with malassezia yeast.

Olive was treated with a long acting anti-itching injection to stop the irritation. She will start some anti-fungal tablets and will hopefully be washed once to twice a week in anti-fungal shampoo.

The next time Olive is a little itchy, jumping in quickly with the anti-fungal shampoo may be all that is needed.

She is a great little patient and we would love her to be feeling more comfortable.

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