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When your pet is unwell or comes into hospital for a procedure, they will be looked after by our team of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Your details are confirmed by the reception team and an estimate of costs is given.

Your veterinarian will make a plan for treatment which may include intravenous fluids, laboratory tests, medication, non surgical procedures, anaesthesia, xrays, ultrasound or intensive care treatment such as oxygen therapy. Our nursing team will monitor your pet throughout the stay and communicate any changes in their condition to the veterinary team. 

An electronic record of the treatment plan and progress is made throughout the day.

If your pet’s condition changes, the treatment plan will be adjusted and your veterinarian will try to contact you to discuss their recommendations and how this will affect the overall costs. Medical and surgical problems can be unpredictable, so it is often difficult to give you exact costings for treatment and exact results of those treatments. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we try extremely hard to keep you informed about our treatment plans, fees and expectations.

Our hospital is not staffed 24 hours per day. Often animals are stable enough to safely be left in cages overnight but they are not supervised. Animals kept at PAH are reassessed early the next morning by the on-duty veterinarian. Medication is given and the next day treatment plan established.

Fortunately PAH is a member of NEVS, the emergency service and critical care unit up at Terrey Hills. Unwell animals can be transferred overnight to be monitored at NEVS. The transfer is done by owners if your pet is stable enough, or by our veterinary staff. A fee is charged if PAH transfers your pet.

If your pet is to be transferred to NEVS for after hours treatment and monitoring, a full history and treatment plan is sent to NEVS. We will usually telephone NEVS to discuss the transfer. On arrival, a NEVS veterinarian will review the case and estimate costs for treatment when in their care. This is usually paid for on arrival. Your pet will then have 24-hour-care under the supervision of NEVS.

In the morning if your pet is stable and it is appropriate that they are transferred, your pet will be returned to PAH by pet ambulance as part of a free service afforded by our membership of NEVS. Animals usually arrive at PAH mid morning, with a full history and modified treatment plan. Your pet will be assessed and a further treatment plan made. Your veterinarian will hope to contact you to discuss, but calling reception on 9913 7979 can speed this process.

If your pet is critically unwell, is likely to need on going 24-hour-care or needs specialist referral there is an option for your pet to stay up at Terrey Hills. During the day the specialist veterinary team NVS works out of the NEVS building. The overnight veterinarian may recommend specialist referral or ongoing critical care at NEVS/NVS in Terrey Hills. If you are not sure how to proceed, the overnight veterinarian will contact Pittwater’s veterinary team to discuss. Sometimes it is helpful for them to get advice from your veterinarian that you know and trust.

So what about the costs?

Treating unwell and injured animals is very intensive in the resources of professional care, medication and equipment. Estimation of costs can be difficult, however all the veterinary organisations involved endeavour to keep you as well informed as possible. Payment is made throughout the treatment and finalised at discharge. Veterinarians do not do accounts, but can direct you to credit organisations.

Insured animals accounts are fully paid to the veterinarian and then the insurance claimed back by the owners. Separate claims are made at PAH and NEVS/NVS. Some insurance companies enable a GapOnly payment to be made prior to discharging your pet.

At Pittwater Animal Hospital our most satisfying achievement is seeing a previously unwell animal go home to it’s family. Modern veterinary techniques and our cohesive team culture have meant we often see these wonderful results. We hope to be able to help your pet if the need arises.

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