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Animals can have a range of disorders of the bones and joints which may require orthopaedic surgery to improve their mobility. Some conditions will be highly complex and need the input of a visiting specialist surgeon such as Dr Eugene Buffa. Other conditions can be very well managed by our regular veterinarians.

Dr Jen Stewart is our very capable visiting orthopaedic surgeon. She can perform pinning and plating stabilisation of fractures, femoral head osteotomies, de-angelis cruciate stabilisation in small dogs and cats and much more.

The follow-up and after-care of our orthopaedic patients is extremely important. Fracture repair requires at least 6 weeks of immobilisation. A gradual increase in activity, along with at-home physiotherapy, is then very helpful to return your pet to optimal mobility.

We recommend all orthopaedic patients have a screening blood test before anaesthetic, as the procedures can be lengthy making it even more important that  we know the health status of your pet prior.

Any dog or cat that has had joint inflammation or surgery will benefit from a yearly cartrophen injection course.

For at-home care after any procedure at PAH look at our After Care page. 

Pittwater Animal Hospital fact sheets can give you further information about preparation and recovery for orthapaedic surgery.

Fact Sheet – Specialist Client Consent Form

Fact Sheet – Crate Hire Brochure

Fact Sheet – Kristine Edwards – Physio

Fact Sheet – Post Op Games

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