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Jennelle Ferrier

Such a large veterinary hospital needs inspiring management. Jennelle keeps us all on our toes making sure the hospital runs efficiently and is continually implementing innovative new programs.

Jennelle joined our practice in 2017 and has really been the missing link in communication with our clients. We felt we needed to keep our regular clients better informed and needed to create programs where we could monitor animals with health problems. There were animals who were missing key preventative health medications and examinations.

Jennelle has streamlined our reminders and veterinary programs so we can spend more time looking after our patients.

When you get a quick text reminder for a recheck, to give your tablets, when vaccinations are due or even for your free dental check you can thank Jennelle. You might even get a special offer that she has managed to source to give you the best value treatment we can manage.

We like to keep innovating at Pittwater to continue to be the leading hospital on the peninsula. Jennelle is a key staff member who keeps this process moving.

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