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Just like kids, dogs can get warts.

This is cute little Stella. She is 5 kilos of joy. A Schnauzer cross Poodle. A Schnoodle.

Last month a little growth was found on her chin. It started about 3mm in diameter but grew to 6mm over the month.

It could have been a wart or papilloma. Fine needle aspirates will not easily diagnose a papilloma. The best way to know what it is through an excision biopsy.

Stella came in to PAH for an anaesthetic. Her blood tests were all normal. When Stella was anesthetised, two more growths were found. One on her chin and another in her throat.

The chin growths were removed with biopsy punches, but the growth deep in her throat was a little more challenging to remove.

If the growth in Stella’s throat had been larger, it may have interfered with her swallowing and breathing.

Stella woke up beautifully under the care of vet nurse Maria.

One week later the lab results returned. All the growths had been caused by the papilloma virus. Further growths might not be removed but just observed closely. Warts caused by the papilloma virus will usually regress after a few months.  Explore all our interesting posts

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