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Little Tick Problems

Ticks cause other problems apart from tick paralysis.

This poor kelpie woke up with a swelling over her eye. We have seen this before, so searched very carefully at the top of the swelling, parting all the hair. A very small tick was found and removed. The tick was dead because she had had a dose of Bravecto® two months earlier.

Bravecto® is a long-acting tick prevention which only needs to be taken every three months. Many of our clients purchase a years supply of Bravecto® in the Special Bundle offer, it comes complete with worming and a reminder is sent to you every 3 months to dose your dog.

Studies show that an adult paralysis tick needs to be attached to an animal for 48 hours before it will start to inject the toxin that causes tick paralysis. You may still find ticks on animals treated with Bravecto® or Nexgard® but they will hopefully not get tick paralysis. The tick should die before it starts to inject poison.

In a high-risk tick area, it is best to add a tick collar to help repel paralysis ticks.

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