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Max’s successful liver tumour surgery.

This is Miracle Max.
Max is a 9 year old Australian Shepherd who came to see Dr Jill in October 2023. He had just had a hair cut and his owners had noticed a cyst on his neck. On a thorough physical examination, Dr Jill could feel an abnormal mass in his abdomen. On a fast-scan ultrasound the mass was either in his spleen or liver.
Splenic tumour removal is a common surgery at PAH but liver tumour surgery is usually a specialist surgery. It is very, very difficult to control bleeding after removal of a liver tumour, and specialist equipment is used.
Max’s owners could not opt for the specialist surgery due to the considerable cost. Dr Jill performed an exploratory surgery and a discrete tumour was found on his liver affecting only one lobe. Max could go really well if that tumour was removed but it would be very difficult surgery.
After a long nerve wracking surgery with cautery, pressure, significant bleeding then time and patience the tumour was removed. Lab tests on the mass showed that it was unlikely to return and Max may have a good prognosis.
Three months later Max is still going really well and we are brave enough to post the pictures.

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