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All the vets at Pittwater Animal Hospital see mice and rats.

Our veterinarian with a special interest in exotic pets is Dr Juliet Smithyman. 

What is the best way to monitor my mice or rat's heath?

Weigh, weigh AND WEIGH. 


When you are looking after a small mammal it is very difficult to tell if they are unwell.


Most mice weigh about a 30 grams and rats 250-400 grams. If you weigh your rodent regularly and the weight drops, you should be concerned about it’s heath.

My mouse has a skin problem, what should I do?

One of the more common problems in mice is skin disease. It is well worth consulting with your veterinarian if this happens. Please bring your entire enclosure when you bring your mouse, as often environmental changes are needed to help with skin problems.


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My mouse or rat has a growth, is this a problem?

Mice and Rats commonly develop growths under the skin. These can develop very quickly and grow rapidly .


Your veterinarian can give you advice on how to treat these lumps in a consultation.


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My rat has problems breathing, what should I do?

Rats very commonly develop respiratory disease. This is usually not curable but can be managed. 


Sadly respiratory problems are highly contagious,  and all in contact rats can be affected.


When sourcing new rats, it is helpful to try to get animals free of respiratory disease.

How do I give medication to my rat or mouse?

Sometimes your veterinarian will prescribe medication.  This is often in small amounts of liquid that needs to be carefully measured. Most rats and mice will eat medication on a little cheese or peanut butter. Some rodents will eat medication on a small raisin or sultana.


How should I bring my rat or mouse to the vet?

Pets can be brought in a secure container. If possible it is useful to your veterinarian to examine the enclosure you keep your rats or mice in so environment can be discussed.

Does it cost less to have my rats and mice examined at the vet?

Rodents diagnosis and handling is a complex and skilled veterinary area. Often rodent consultations are prolonged, as gentle patient handling is required and extensive history is needed.


To see a veterinarian at Pittwater Animal Hospital a standard consultation fee is charged. Rechecks are often discounted.


Some complex problems are best addressed by a veterinary specialist. For urgent care it is best to have your rodent initially assessed by one of our veterinarians. It can be difficult to get a specialist appointment immediately, and early intervention is often needed.


Dr Izidora Sladakovic  (Izzy) up at NVS at Terrey Hills is our closest exotic pet specialist.



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