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Mozart’s amazing ear problem

Back in January, Mozart was a kitten with an on going ear problem.

Sadly despite several antibiotic courses, bacterial culture and even bravely using ear drops, Mozart’s ear was still infected and filling with pus. This problem had been present since he arrived as a little kitten.

Mozart came into Pittwater Animal Hospital for an anaesthetic to thoroughly examine his ear. After carefully cleaning away the discharge in the ear canal it was noted that there was a red mass deep in the ear canal. This was a different colour from the wall of the ear canal.

With great difficulty, the mass was grasped and very slowly pulled up from the ear canal. This is really tricky, as the last thing we wanted was the mass to break apart.

Slowly the polyp was teased out of the ear canal until it suddenly broke off from its attachment deep in the ear. It was 18mm long. Such an enormous thing to be found in a kitten’s ear canal!

Mozart recovered beautifully. We really hope the removal of this huge polyp will solve Mozart’s ear problem once and for all!  Explore all our interesting posts

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