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The Pittwater Pet

Hi you have reached and archived page but it might be fun for old clients. Scroll down and see whet our newsletters have been like since 1994

We began publishing The Pittwater Pet newsletter in 1994 as a way to keep you up to date with new situations facing local pets, improved treatments and medicines, additional services, upgrades to our equipment and facilities as well as changes to our staff and their immediate families. Our first issue was a rather modest effort of just one page, and because we were in such a rush to meet the deadline, it suffered from an embarrassing number of misspellings and typos.

However, by the time we published our second issue in the winter of 1995, we were up to four pages and considerably less errata. As noted elsewhere on this site, PAH is a very busy practice. So while we fully intended The Pittwater Pet to arrive at your home twice a year, we haven’t always succeeded.

To catch up on what we’ve been doing over recent years, click either the graphic of the issue or the red link beneath each page.

Autumn 2014 – A brand new look for the Pittwater Animal Hospital Newsletter unveiled • Dutch artist Piet Mondrian inspires a bold and colourful new facade, and our reception area becomes a lot more roomy • We invite you to help this practice celebrate 50 years of looking after Pittwater pets • Jen returns (again), Lisa Cornelius joins the team and Soula leaves after 15 dedicated years to care for her new bub • We offer suggestions for dogs that are seriously put off by thunder storms • New ways to combat arthritis in pets illustrated by a case study involving a local cat • An excellent example of why insurance can save you a lot of money • Northside After Hours Emergency Veterinary Service moves to a temporary new location.

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Autumn 2010 – Eamon joins Bryn as a partner in PAH • We introduce a free introductory puppy seminar to help you raise a happy, healthy and enjoyable companion; Louise, Lara and Mary-Anne are all Delta Accredited Canine Behavioural trainers • Comfortis® is a new, no-fuss, no-mess way to protect dogs aginst fleas for a whole month • Pets are living longer, and because this presents new problems, we have developed a Senior Wellness Program • Heidi completes a postgraduate course in dermatology, Carol retires after eight great years, Soula gets married, Louise revitalises our puppy preschool, and Gen and Sheridan have graduated Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing • Since 2004 PAH, acting as Pittwater’s Pound Facility, has reunited more than 1,500 dogs with their owners • Reminder: if you’re taking your pet overseas, Bryn is the only vet on the Northern Beaches accredited by the Australian Quarantine Service.

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Winter 2006 – We continue to grow, our vets and nurses continue to expand their knowledge and skills • PAH in the person of Bryn keeps on drawing bird clients from far and wide • Seven important bird care tips • Kate has a daughter, Phoebe, and decides to leave us to spend more time at home with her three daughters; Dr Evelyn Woods takes Kate’s place • Eamon also welcomes a new child, his first, a son named Oliver • Jill and Heidi attend a course on oncology, Evelyn begins a postgraduate course in advanced surgical procedures • Carol and Kate complete their Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing • Soula takes over teaching our puppy preschool, and our list of cuddly graduates continues to grow • Why dental disease affects more than 85 percent of all dogs and cats more than two years of age…and how to prevent this • Case Study: Gorgeous, the four-year-old Labrador with breast cancer and a dangerously distended uterus goes home happy, healthy and fully recovered.

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Winter 2005 – PAH Open Day on 22 May lets you check out our veterinary laboratory, operating theatre, X-ray facilities, puppy preschool classroom, etc • Dr Heidi Furber joins PAH, working alongside Bryn and Jill, who’ve both been here longer than a decade and John and Kate, who’ve each celebrated five-year anniversaries • Puppy preschool has proved so popular we’re now teaching four classes each week • Along with our new ECG and pulse oximeter, PAH adds a specialised device to measure blood pressure • The treatment of five viral diseases affecting cats, plus Feline AIDS • Our website is proving a particularly valuable resource, answering a multitude of pet-related questions • The premium pet foods we offer mean smaller, firmer stools; soft, shiny coats; healthier skin and better muscle tone • Kate, Ben and Alice join the nursing team.

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Spring 2004 – We go online with an exceptionally informative, new website created by a veteran communications professional • PAH continues to serve as the temporary pound for Pittwater and Warringah • We upgrade our anaesthetic equipment, significantly reducing risks associated with this critical procedure • How unhealthy teeth can lead to serious heart and kidney problems • Lisa joins our other nurses Carol, Soula, Nic, Jen and Alexis • We offer discounts on desexing for our puppy preschool graduates • PAH is the only Northern Beaches hospital with vets accredited by the Australian Quarantine Service (AQIS) • Carol Corner runs adult dog training classes in Narrabeen • Why you shouldn’t wait till Christmas to have your dog’s coat clipped.

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Winter 2003 – Thank you for bearing with us during our extensive renovations: new decor, painting and furnishings; wider corridors; hygenic vinyl flooring throughout; new puppy preschool classroom; roomy hospital cages; state-of-the-art hydro bath • PAH is invited to become a registered intern veterinary hospital • Our vets and nurse keep abreast of latest developments in vet science by attending postgraduate training in geriatrics, reptiles, holistic medicine, wound management, dental nursing, dog training and behaviour, coccupational health and safety • Renal failure, the most common cause of death in cats • Different ways to stop ticks in dogs and cats • Christine Corner revitalises our puppy preschool classes • The need to treat fleas year-round, and the emergence of Advantage® as the preeminent product • We stock a wide range of high-quality pet foods.

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Autumn 2002 – We introduce Dr John Mason, who hails from Wellington, NSW, to replace Dr Sean Evans, who’s off to Canada • Bryn continues to expand his knowledge of birds and reptiles • Jill completes a postgraduate program in A Problem-Solving Approach to Small Animal Medicine; she and Kate also attend a Rabbits, Rats and Rodents seminar • PAH totally upgrades our computer system with the latest and best software available • Combating ear problems in dogs • We introduce pet folders to help you organise documentation relating to each of your pets • May-June microchipping special • Advice about kennel cough, overweight pets and common rabbit problems • We support ‘Dog Day at the Bay’ at Bayview in October.

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Autumn 2001 – For the second year running Bryn is the only Sydney representative at the Australian Tick Forum, helping develop an improved protocol for tick treatment • The convenience and effectiveness of SR12, the new yearly heartworm injection • Besides our new digital X-ray processor, we now have a nasal oxygen set-up and a new IV fluid pump • Sean attends a recent veterinary cat conference and convinces us to adopt a new F4 vaccination • We collect ticks to help with research into a tick vaccine • The overwhelming benefits of annual vaccinations and our $10 discount on heartworm injections • What to do about the scourge of wandering jew • After nearly eight years at PAH, Nicky Tebbatt is lured away by one of our suppliers – we hire three new nurses: Caroline Mashman, Christine Corner and Soula Hatzis.

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Spring 1999 – PAH welcomes Dr Kate Marchevsky, who replaces Dr Janet Robson-Scott • We’ve already seen many tick poisonings and discuss using Proban® to prevent tick bites • Timely reminder about pet insurance • Bryn’s expanding interest in reptiles leads to a surge of snakes, lizards and turtles seeking treatment • The dangers of ‘BBQ Disease’ to older dogs • Detailed advice on the best way to cope with fleas • What to expect when we refer you to specialist veterinarians • Not only do dogs have to be microchipped, cats must be identifiable • Two awful tick riddles.

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Summer 1998 – We see higher number of tick poisonings than previous two years • New lab equipment means cheaper blood tests, quicker diagnoses, more thorough monitoring and more readily accessible pre-anaesthetic blood tests • PAH reduces the cost of microchipping • Jill and Sean attend an extension course in clinical pathology, Sean also spends a week at a conference on cardiac medicine • Bryn passes examination to become accredited Australian Quarantine Service veterinarian • The downside of veterinary house call services • We explain what’s really covered by pet insurance • A case for a new tick control called Frontline Top Spot®.

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Winter 1997 – We introduce $20 credit vouchers for the referral of new clients to PAH • Review of two new, vet-only products: Sentinel®, a once-monthly heartworm, intestinal worm and flea treatment for dogs, and Advantage®, the lazy man’s flea treatment • We offer free dental checks for dogs and cats until August 20 • Our Puppy Preschool numbers more than 200 graduates • PAH now takes EFTPOS • Nurse Peta Speers weds while Sean Evans and Nicky Tebbatt announce their (separate) engagements.

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Summer 1996 – Dr Janet Robson-Scott becomes our fourth vet • Gardens get much-needed overhaul, and we renovate the waiting area with a new reception desk and merchandise display area • The Northside After-Hours Emergency Service, their phone number, address, key staff, procedure and costs • Research finds heartworm can infect cats and how to prevent it • Where to look for ticks, the symptoms of poisoning, risk areas and prevention • We alert rabbit owners that Rabbit Calics virus is released in NSW • The value of pet insurance • We host a group discussion night for clients to talk about how we can improve our practice • Jill gives birth to son James (her issue delaying this issue).

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Summer 1995 – New Bits and Bobs – equipment upgrades include the latest in dental console technology, four X-ray plates, a binocular microscope and the most up-to-date microchip scanner available • We refine our appointments system • A report on Puppy Preschool a year after its introduction • Recommendations for coping with “The Flea Season from Hell” combining Program medication with Frontline Spray • The need to book in cats for boarding well in advance • New specialist veterinary practices • PAH provides work experience for 20 high school students every year • Mrs Eunice Campbell retires after 23 years at PAH • Open day planned for April • Jill’s expecting and Sean’s skiing in Canada.

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Winter 1995 – PAH introduces appointments for consultations and a small change to our open hours (still the longest on the Northern Beaches) • We’re now stocking the full range of Tucker Time • What happens in Puppy Preschool classes • Invitation to visit PAH cattery • Our nurses look after orphaned pups till homes are found • Warning about paralysis ticks and suggestions for prevention • Our vets continue study in dentistry, dermatology, avian medicine, cardiology, cat diseases and animal nutrition • A reminder about holiday vaccinations.

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