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Not hooked on fishing

Charlie was an emergency visitor one sunny Sunday. His owner was enjoying a spot of local fishing when Charlie got a little too involved.

Poor Charlie ended up with a fish hook stuck through his lip right near the end off his nose. This has to be one of the most sensitive places for a dog. If Charlie wasn’t held tightly he was rubbing at the hook and making things much worse. Something had to be done NOW!

Charlie was given a very quick intravenous anaesthetic and the hook was poked all the way through the lip to the skin. This was really tough and difficult to do. Once the barb was out we cut it off to try to remove the hook but a small amount of barb was left. A quick fix was to cut the circle from the end of the hook and feed it all the way through.

Charlie was given a long acting pain relief injection. (We give all animals at Pittwater who have GA pain relief medication at no extra cost .) 

When Charlie was recovered from his anaesthetic he was sent home for a quiet afternoon with no fishing!

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