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Offer to dogs on our arthritis injection program.

Your dog is part of our Pittwater Animal Hospital Cartophen Injection Program. This means we regularly send reminders to have a series of cartrophen injections to promote joint health.

There has been a new development in medication for joint pain in dogs. Beransa® is also an injectable medication but works in a completely different way. It blocks an important pain receptor in the inflamed joints which not only lessens pain but should improve mobility over time.

As part of our introduction of Beransa® we would like to offer your dog two injections at a reduced consultation price.

Injection 1: $68.90 + Beransa® ($87-$102 depending on size) – Saving $30 on a normal consultation

Injection 2 given 4 weeks later: $39.80 + Beransa® ($87-$102 depending on size) – Saving $30 on a normal re-examination consultation. (It is best to have 2 injections 4 weeks apart for assessment.)

Any further injections: Beransa® ($87-$102 depending on size) given as a nurse injection with no veterinary consultation as long as examined by a veterinarian every 6 months.

Pain is a problem for your dog not only because of the discomfort but also because the body reacts to pain by increasing inflammation and joint damage. Treated dogs may be more comfortable as well as slowing progression of joint disease.

What is so different about Beransa®?

Our standard anti-inflammatories are very helpful, but their effects are seen throughout the body so they affect the gut as well as joints. These pharmaceuticals are also broken down in the liver and kidneys so need healthy organs. Beransa® specifically targets the pain receptors in the joint, is a protein that breaks down without involving the organs and has few if any side effects.

My dog is already on Cartrophen®, can Beransa® be used as well?

Yes. Both medications work in different ways. Cartrophen® improves joint lubrications and Beransa® relieves joint pain and inflammation.

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