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Panda’s Fancy Makeover

This is Panda. He is a 12-year-old Labradoodle. Last year he was a scruffy-faced Labradoodle with long hair over his nose. Unfortunately with our wonderful, warm climate, that scruffy face was becoming more and more wet and smelly.

Lip fold pyoderma is really common in dogs. Mouths are wet, and when you add long hair they are fabulous places for bacteria and yeasts to grow. Lip fold pyoderma is infection of the lip folds and can be very difficult to manage. It can also be a very painful and upsetting condition.

Panda’s mouth was very smelly last year. His gums and lips were red and inflamed. It was time for a makeover! Panda came in to Pittwater Animal Hospital for a dental under general anesthetic. His teeth were cleaned, his face was clipped and examined and he was prescribed antibiotics to treat the red swollen skin on his chin. Once the hair was removed Panda recovered very quickly.

One year later, Panda is back for a regular dental. He has been sporting his short faced look all year. It is more of a poodle look…but Panda can really carry it off!

Now the lip fold infection is mild and only about 1cm in diameter. Last year his entire chin was red, inflamed and sore. Even with this small inflamed area, pus and bacteria can be found. A good indication that Panda should keep rocking that fabulous new look!

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