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Medications for animals are available in different sizes and preparations than for humans. Pittwater Animal Hospital has a well stocked pharmacy with a variety of medications suitable for animals of all sizes and species.

During a consultation with your veterinarian, it may be decided that your pet may benefit from medication. At that time your veterinarian will

  • Select the appropriate medication
  • Calculate the dose of medication and how long it should be administered.
  • Print a label with your pet’s details and the medication details and instructions
  • Prepare the medication from our extensive pharmacy
  • Return and explain how and when to administer the medication

Some medications can be supplied long term. This will be discussed with your veterinarian and it will be written in your pet’s history. When new medication is needed it can be ordered online.

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Animals on long term medication need to be under the care of a veterinarian. The medication dose should be reviewed regularly. This can be done at the yearly vaccination and health check or during a regular medication review

Some medications are more unusual and difficult to stock. Your veterinarian may need to write a prescription for this medication to be supplied by a human pharmacy. A prescription fee will always be charged for this service. 

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