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Our veterinarians will often help with behavioural advice and recommendations as part of your dog or cat’s yearly health check and vaccination. Small changes in managing your pet can help it be happier and more settled.

Cats often feel social pressures from neighbourhood cats and even from your other pets. This can lead to behaviour disturbances that cause over-grooming, changes in urination or aggression. Sometimes pheromone infusers and sprays  can be helpful in addressing these anxiety issues. Other times, medication is needed.

To discuss behaviour problems it is very worthwhile to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians who have an interest in animal behaviour. (Dr Jill King sees a lot of our behaviour cases.)

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The way our dogs behave and interact with both people and other animals is a vital part of how we enjoy pet ownership. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we take behavioural modification very seriously and our advice on how to choose a pet with a settled, confident temperament, is the first step to enjoying years your companion.

Our Puppy School Classes are a really valuable learning tool for the new puppy owner. Problems are discussed and advice given, with follow up feedback sessions on the behaviour of your new pet. Our trainers try to teach you how to respond to each developmental stage of the dog, before problems arise.

Dogs with anxiety issues will often find it very challenging to settle down and learn calmer behaviour. Behaviour Medication may be helpful to settle this anxiety before getting help from a suitable trainer. 

Even with the best of starts, many pets, just like many people, can suffer from anxiety issues as they mature. Pittwater offers consultations for animals who are showing problem behavioural changes. We can give you advice on environmental change, enrichment strategies and if necessary prescribe medication or refer to a trainer. Some dogs and cats may even need specialist referral, which we can arrange and then liaise with the specialist for on-going care.

Behaviour Medication

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