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Last century people had many fewer teeth, smelly infected mouths, terrible halitosis and a much shorter lifespan. Advances in dental care have made a huge difference to everyone’s lives in the modern world. 

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we aim help your pets have much healthier mouths and thus much happier lives. Regular checks and routine maintenance are really helpful to keep animals mouths healthy.

Our dental program includes regular dental checks and discounted dentals all year round if regular care is needed. Dogs and cats in our dental program find themselves with much healthier mouths, having far fewer extractions and living happier, healthier and longer lives.

As young animals, we discuss the best foods to eat. We show how to monitor adult teeth as they appear and trouble shoot for any potential long term dental problems.  Dry food often helps with good chewing in puppies and kittens but as adult animals dental dry foods like Royal Canin Dental food can keep mouths clean and healthy.

If we find plaque and tartar is building up we can show you how to brush or wipe your pet’s teeth. Every day, teeth get a slime deposit called plaque, and if this slime is allowed to sit on the tooth it calcifies and becomes a hard coating called tartar. The tartar builds up and houses smelly bacteria. Tartar soon presses on the gum margin causing root disease, leading to rotten teeth that need extraction. 

Many of the modern breeds of dog and some cats will have significant tartar build up no matter how much at home maintenance is performed. These pets really benefit from regular teeth cleaning under anaesthetic. Some dogs will need a teeth clean every 12-18 months. This is why we have started the Pittwater Dental Program. 

If your pet has had a dental at Pittwater Animal Hospital before, you can book in for dental treatment at the Dental Month Special Price any month of the year. 

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