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Pittwater Dermatology and Ear Assessment

The current excellent parasite control has significantly decreased flea and tick numbers and helped lessen our numbers of dogs and cats with skin disease. However, in our warm, moist environment dogs and cats are very susceptible to allergic, bacterial and fungal ear and skin disorders.

Skin and ear disorders require in-house pathology to establish the underlying cause of the presenting problem to manage them most effectively. All our veterinarians are well trained in ear and skin disorders and can detect microscopic changes.

Some conditions do however need samples to be sent to an external laboratory to isolate the organisms causing disease or to look at a sample of skin to understand the problems behind the disease.

Acute ear and skin disorders need to be intensively managed. Your veterinarian will have the expertise to prescribe appropriate antibiotics, antifungals and/or antipruritic medications.

A thorough investigation of ear and skin disorders, followed up with a maintenance plan is really helpful in limiting recurrent problems. Regular rechecks when on medication are essential for best outcomes.

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Pittwater Medication Review

Malassezia (seen above) is a common yeast that causes itching and inflammation.