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Diabetes is a common disorder in dogs and cats. With proper management, your diabetic pet can live happily for many years.

Animals in our diabetes program have regular monitoring of their weight, diet, blood glucose, and urine.

Diabetic animals are monitored with Glucose Curves, Urine Testing and Medication Reviews.

The aim is to try to stabilise the diabetic animal’s blood glucose through regular feeding and insulin injections. If successful, they can return to a more healthy weight, eat regularly and drink a more normal amount of water.

A well controlled diabetic animal will be much happier however, they are more susceptible to other medical problems such as urinary tract infections.

At Pittwater we do fixed price monitoring sessions for your diabetic pet to make sure we are doing a thorough assessment.  You can feel confident of the management of this serious disease when you come to Pittwater Animal Hospital.

Diabetic animals are often checked at regular intervals when first diagnosed. Most animals will come in for a day procedure called a Glucose Curve within the first week of diagnosis. Repeat glucose curves are needed in the first few months to find your animals optimum insulin dose and feeding regime.

Once the diabetes stabilises, the glucose curves are done less often but your pet will need regular medication reviews. These are very valuable examinations combined with blood tests and urine tests which we offer at discounted prices to try to make diabetic management more affordable. Diabetic animals are prone to developing other problems and a medication review is a vital tool to pick up these problems early before they destabilise your pet’s health.

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