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Some pets need on-going medications which, once started, can be adjusted at their yearly health check, and also at regular medication reviews. Animals receiving ongoing medication are offered a discounted consultation and blood test each year to help guide the veterinarians on the best medication and dose for your pet. When your pet is due we will send a reminder as an SMS to your phone.

Through these examinations and blood tests we can carefully monitor your pets health, adjust medications doses or detect if any medication is doing harm.

Urine Tests may also be indicated.

Information about blood tests. 

Otherwise healthy animals who are on long term medication, are recommended to have a once year Medication Review. We try to schedule these 6 months away from vaccinations so they have a thorough examination twice a year.

Animals with chronic health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, cushing’s and diabetes are recommended to have twice yearly medication reviews to monitor their blood parameters, physical condition and weight much more carefully.

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