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Plastic surgery for a cat

This is Blinkie Bill. He arrived at PAH in November as part of our stray rehoming program. Blinkie arrived with a sore left eye. There was a corneal ulcer in his eye and he held his eye shut with the pain. It took weeks for the eye to heal but his eye was still sore and held shut.

A few weeks passed and the eye did not settle. His lower eye hair was turning into rub on the eyeball. This is called entropian. This problem can be transient from the pain, but it was not improving. It was time for a nip and tuck.

Blinkie was anaesthetised and the area around his eye clipped and prepared. The eyelid was assessed to see how much skin would need to be removed. To suture once the skin is excised is very fine work and best done under magnification. Dr Jill also loves wearing the magnifiers.

Blinkie recovered well and was already holding his eye more open on wake up. Often surgery around the eye will cause significant swelling for a week so the area should improve with more time.

Blinkie will now be available for adoption, though after all this time we will miss him if he goes.

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