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Pre anaesthetic instructions for dogs and cats.

Your pet is due to come in for a general anaesthetic at Pittwater Animal Hospital.

We strongly recommend a blood test before any anaesthetic, which is usually done on the morning of the surgery.

Please give all dogs a wash a few days before the day, so they are nice and clean.

You should get a confirmation text from PAH the day before surgery.

The night before please give it’s usual food, then take any uneaten food away by 10 pm.

Make a water bowl available over night, but remove the water early in the morning.

Take your dog for a short walk to go to the toilet in the morning. Hopefully cats will use the litter tray.

Aim to arrive with your pet at Pittwater Animal Hospital between 7:45am and 8:15am. 

Our receptionist will discuss all the scheduled procedures for the day and  will also review your pets vaccination and parasite control status.

All pets are recommended a preanaesthetic blood test unless they have had a very recent blood profile.

An estimate will be given for the hospital procedures for the day. 

Contact numbers will be collected. Please answer any calls from PAH on the day as we may need to modify some procedures at short notice. One of our phone lines may show no caller id, so please bear this in mind.

Most animals will go home on the same day as the procedure between 2 and 4pm.

For at-home care after any procedure at PAH look at our After Care page. 

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