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Medication Refills

Many of your pet’s have regular, sometimes lifelong medication which needs to be supplied on an ongoing basis.

Animals having prescription medication need to be under our care. This means they are examined by a veterinarian preferably twice yearly and have at least yearly blood tests to monitor for any changes that may affect the animals. There are some medications with potential side effects, where we need to check your pet more frequently than this.

We do these blood tests and examinations at a discounted rate to make it easier for you to comply, as part of our Pittwater Medication Review.

Pittwater Animal Hospital has a large pharmacy and can supply most medication. To refill medication our veterinarians need to review the case, so please allow at least 24 hours after you request medication, until it is ready to be picked up. 

Some unusual medication may need a prescription to be written. If this is required then a prescription fee is charged. Our aim is to write a script for enough medication for three months. 

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