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At Pittwater Animal Hospital, we have been treating your pets on the Northern Beaches for over 50 years. Our pet friendly vet hospital has seen thousands of dogs and cats with fleas, ticks and worms and treated many dogs with heartworm, parvo virus and canine cough. There have been epidemics of cat flu leading to chronic sneezing and snuffling. Our veterinary pharmacy and pet supply store has seen products come and go. You can trust our advice on the current best protection options for your pets.

The cats and dogs that we see on the Northern Beaches are now healthier, live longer, have far less parasites. Dogs are better socialised than ever before. Cats get fewer cat abscesses and fighting wounds.  When we see your pet we will recommend treatments that are safe, easy, cost-effective and work well. Our reminder system will prompt you to remember anything your pet needs and our computer system retains your pet’s record and health plan. At any time we can tell you if your pet is up to date with vaccinations, tick and flea control, intestinal worming and heartworm control.

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Yearly health checks update your pets vaccination status, give long-acting heartworm protection in dogs, discuss tick prevention, review parasite control, examine for any health problems (before they become more serious) and discuss behavior and general wellbeing. Pets age so quickly that a yearly checkup is the same as us visiting the doctor every 5 years. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we are proud of how well cared for your pets are.

You will get a reminder for a yearly health check and vaccination for your dog or cat via text message to your mobile phone.

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