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Protect Your Cat This Tick Season

Let us protect your cat this year.

Tick and Flea control has advanced dramatically over the last few years but often our biggest problem is having people remember applications.

Come into Pittwater and we will apply a spot-on that will protect your cat from fleas and ticks for THREE MONTHS. You will be given a certificate of application which will state how long they are protected.*

A reminder will be sent to your phone for the next application.

There will never be a need to think “Is my CAT covered?” It is all in our system and your pet will be red flagged when overdue.

Take the worry out of tick and flea control and come to Pittwater Animal Hospital today.

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or call us on 9913 7979

*No tick protection is 100%. You should still search and examine your pet.

Tick Paralysis Treatment

If there is any breakdown in protection we will address it with the manufacturer because we will know when and how the protection was applied. 

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