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Pittwater Animal Hospital is pleased to announce a new initiative to try to cheer us all up over the COVID 19 emergency. Puppy School is too socially close, so we have started the Pittwater Puppy Club.

If you live on the Northern Beaches and need some help and guidance with your new pup, you should sign up for Puppy Club.

Even better, it is a free service for all Pittwater Clients!

Our very qualified puppy trainer and dog behaviour trainer Louise Colombari is assembling her years of experience in puppy training to present some introductory online classes.

Puppies under the age of 6 months are all welcome additions to Puppy Club.

Along with Puppy Club, Louise is offering one-on-one distance learning sessions as well as one-on-ones in the puppy room so you can really get involved in establishing a fabulous person-puppy bond.

  Book a one-on-one training session

To sign up for Puppy Club please fill out this form. 

Then you can fill on the forms for a Play session, One on One training, or Free Zoom Lesson.

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Our very qualified puppy trainer and dog behaviour trainer Louise Colombari will be putting together a range of short and informative online modules including

    • The Leave It cue
    • Come training – The perfect recall
    • Puppy biting and object exchange
    • Play – What is normal?
    • Daily skills training – name, sit, drop, stand
    • Canine body language
    • Separation Training
    • Settle on the mat
    • Handling exercises
    • Ditching the bowl: Enrichment ideas
    • Treats, diets, safe food

  Puppy Club Zoom Session Timetable

We have organised some Puppy Club socialization and play sessions – weather dependent.

  Puppy Club Play Session Timetable

We are looking forward to hearing from you about your new puppy.

  Book a One-on-One Training Session