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Puppy School Update

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Puppy School has been a great innovation in the last 20 years. Qualified dog trainers can teach you how to interact with your new dog in a kind and positive way. This builds a happy bond with your new companion.

During  the Covid Lockdown, Pittwater Animal Hospital renovated a new area of the hospital to create a much larger Puppy School Room with an attached enclosed yard. We now run numerous classes every week and have introduced Senior Puppy School and Individual Puppy Training.

Which one should you do?

Many people do more than one!

Junior Puppy School

For puppies starting from 8-13 weeks of age, we run a continuous enrollment 4 week course. The puppies are all little together. Learning aims include:

  • Toilet training
  • How to settle on a mat
  • Basic training – come, sit, lie down, roll over, separation training, body handling
  • Mental Exercise and Enrichment Ideas
  • Crate training
  • Playing with other puppies – good play versus bad play
  • Strategies for biting and jumping up
  • Trick training and games to play

As the puppies mature through the class and develop more challenging behaviour you will already have the tool kit to direct them to the behaviours you want.

  Puppy School Timetable and Booking

Senior Puppy School

For puppies starting from 14-20 weeks of age, we run a continuous enrollment 4 week course. The puppies are all juveniles together (and they all have developing brains). Learning aims include

  • How to calm down
  • Consistent recall
  • Mat training
  • More advanced training – come, sit, lie down, wait, leave it
  • Loose lead walking
  • Mental Exercise and Enrichment Ideas
  • How to play nicely with other dogs
  • Strategies for biting, jumping up and greeting people
  • Trick training and games to play

Often juvenile dog behaviour can start to cause conflict within the family. Our aim is to embrace the developing brain and, as one of our excellent local trainers Barbara Hodel writes, “Love and Survive your Teenage Dog”.  They will all be teenagers soon!

The junior dogs love these classes and enjoy the interactions. Their owners can start embracing their joyous, changing behaviour and help them develop into teenage dogs who will be more confident and much more pleasant to live with.

  Senior Puppy Timetable and Booking

Individual Puppy Training

Our qualified trainer Louise offers individual lessons for puppies under 12 months. These have been become very popular.  Sessions are one hour long in the puppy room. The advantages of individual training include:

  • Multiple family members can attend so you all learn  together.
  • Puppies are often more focused as there are no other dogs.
  • Individual issues can be problem solved over the hour.
  • Sessions can be booked online but we can also arrange for other times by emailing Louise at

  Book directly for Individual Puppy Training

If you have already completed Puppy School with us or somewhere else, you should think about continuing with your learning with either Senior Puppy School or an individual session. We spend years educating our children. You will be rewarded if you spend added effort educating you and your dog.