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Puppy School at Pittwater Animal Hospital is run by Veronica from Canine Concepts in our purpose built puppy training yard and room.

Classes are held on Mondays. 

Veronica has a wonderful reputation as a puppy trainer on the Northern Beaches.   Book Puppy School

We encourage you to book puppy class as early as possible, puppies can start from 8 weeks of age and they only need their first vaccination to join class (this has usually been done by the breeder before you bring your puppy home). 

Learning aims include:

  • Socialisation, what you should be doing right now, what it is and what it isn’t
  • Building independence and preventing separation anxiety
  • Strategies for biting and jumping up
  • Toilet training
  • Teaching that all-important “off switch” and how to help your puppy get enough sleep
  • Working through common puppy struggles
  • Sit, drop, stay, introducing walking on lead
  • Come when called
  • Mental exercise, appropriate play and enrichment
  • Resource guarding prevention
  • What is “management” and why it is so important
  • Grooming and handling
  • And much more!

As puppies mature through the class and develop more challenging behaviour you will already have the tool kit to direct them to the behaviours you want. Each week you receive notes and videos following class which you can refer back to even after your puppy has graduated.

The Aims of Puppy Training

The Pittwater Team will give you the tools to raise a calm, relaxed, confident companion that you will enjoy for many years. Our highly experienced Puppy Trainer uses methods of positive reinforcement, environmental management and redirection to encourage your puppy down the right path. These methods reinforce the human animal bond rather than harming your relationship with your puppy. Punishment based training techniques will harm your relationship with your new pet.

All puppies attending are vaccinated and healthy. Puppies start classes as early as possible. This is very important as young puppies are much less distracted and have not learnt bad habits.

Our puppies learn to SETTLE and behave calmly in any situation. You will learn how to help your puppy settle in class and then to progress this at home. Puppies learn tolerance and settled behaviour around strange people and dogs.

Pittwater Puppy School will help you teach your puppy basic dog training cues such as Come, Sit, Drop, and Loose Lead Walking. Our trainers use the most current techniques for teaching dogs and their owners. This helps you manage common puppy behaviours such as mouthing, digging, toilet training and jumping up, without stress.

If you are looking for a life-long family pet that is a joy to have, Pittwater Animal Hospital Puppy School is the best place to start.

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