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If your rabbit is due for it’s calici vaccination you can

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Rabbits need to be vaccinated every six months to maintain their immunity against the calici virus.

Calici is a deadly disease carried by flies and dust or spread on contaminated grass. It was released in Australia more than 20 years ago to control the feral rabbits and has caused the death of many pet rabbits.

In 2014 a new strain of virus was isolated in Sydney. This is more difficult to protect against. The recommendation is now 6 monthly vaccination injections after an initial course of injections given 1 month apart.  

While you are at Pittwater Animal Hospital having your rabbit’s vaccinations boosted, your pet will be receiving a comprehensive health check with one of our very experienced veterinarians. A yearly health check for your rabbit is comparable with us having a check with your doctor every 7 years. Rabbits have shorter lifespans and the different age related health and behaviour signs can change from year to year.

For excellent health care, your six monthly vaccination and health check can include

  • Administering booster vaccinations.
  • Full physical examination. This will include include discussion of any skin lumps, inflamed skin, age related changes and newly developing physical problems.
  • The weight will be recorded and the heartbeat and dental health noted and discussed.
  • Fine needle aspirates might be needed on tumours to try to give more information as to if they are benign or more dangerous.
  • Discuss the type and amount of food you are feeding.
  • Discuss housing and maintenance.
  • Behavioural advice.
  • Advise and adjust any medication prescribed for your rabbit.
  • Discuss grooming.

It is often best to write a list of your concerns before you come so we can make sure everything is addressed at your pet’s regular health check and vaccination.

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