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Royal Canin Special

For those animals participating in our senior promotion we have managed to secure a fantastic offer when you purchase Royal Canin premium pet food.

Buy any sized bag of Royal Canin premium dry food (or any box of premium wet food) and receive a full 50% discount. This is well below cost price!

This is a great deal but is only for May and June 2019 while stocks last.

Last year during the Senior Promo we uncovered a number of underlying conditions that can be well managed with dietary change. Once your pet has the results of their examination and pathology tests there may be a Royal Canin medicated food that is suitable to trial. 

All Royal Canin diets for dogs and cats have a money back guarantee if your pet does not eat them. (This is unusual as they are really very palatable.)

The staff at Pittwater feed their pets Royal Canin premium diets. The dental is by far the most popular but the renal diet and satiety (for those who struggle with their weight) are also popular. Our senior pets are fed according tho their individual management issues. 

We recommend Royal Canin premium diets to help maintain the health of your dogs and cats as they age.