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School Holiday Fun 2018

A group of lucky 8-12 year olds had their dream school holiday activity at Pittwater Animal Hospital this week.

First they got to meet The Wonderdogs and their trainer Kelly Gill. The Wonderdogs are five beautifully trained Border Collies who work in TV and movies as well as at public events. Kelly showed how she communicates with her dogs (and cat) through positive reinforcement and how they love to work. The kids were able to groom the dogs and have pictures taken.

Next it was time to spend some time with well-loved media vet Dr Katrina Warren and her rescue dog Riley. The pair gave a fantastic presentation of how to care for and interact with our animal friends. Katrina also had three guest puppies for the children to interact with. Dr Katrina is passionate about the benefits of pet ownership and how children can enjoy their time with animals.

During the morning, groups of children also got a behind the scenes tour of Pittwater Animal Hospital with Dr Juliet Smithyman. The interactive tour included demonstrations of anaesthetics and procedures, examining Xrays, palpating for foreign bodies and helping perform laboratory tests.

The morning ended with a Wonderdogs demonstration which the parents enjoyed as well. What great day of animal fun on the Peninsula! Click on the videos below

Kelly with her cat and dog

Kelly and her jumping cat

Wonderdog show 1

Wonderdog show 2

Wonderdog show 3

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