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Senior Dog Promo


As a valued owner of a senior dog, you are invited to participate in the annual Pittwater Animal Hospital senior health promotion.

From about the age of 7 it is very important for senior dogs to get regular check ups to help diagnose and prevent the onset of conditions such as kidney disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Your dog will receive a full health check, comprehensive blood test and urine tests, an ear smear plus other extras for $195 (valued at over $350). 

This offer is valid for the first 100 clients (only valid Mon to Fri).

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Please fill out our Senior Questionnaire before you come or arrive 10 minutes early so you can fill it out while you are waiting.

 There are fabulous deals on Royal Canin pet food. 

We also have a Senior Health Promotion for Cats

Feel free to also use our “kiss and drop” service which means you can drop your dog with us in the morning on your way to work.

The Details

We are offering this special package for our senior pets in an effort to identify and treat problems early and ensure the best quality of life as our beloved companions advance in their years. Our pets are living to advanced ages more and more now as life for them gets better. But advancing years don’t necessarily have to be a burden and our aim is to keep them fit, happy and bright right into the twilight years.

Owner observations are an important aspect of healthcare in all our pets, but are especially important in the senior pet. So that we can give you the best advice at our senior clinic, please complete this questionnaire below and return it to our receptionist before you see the veterinarian. It helps us to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and tells us about some of the signs that might not be evident on a physical examination.

Senior Health Questionnaire

In addition to a thorough physical examination, we will be collecting blood for a comprehensive blood panel to be performed at IDEXX laboratories. This will help us obtain a detailed picture of your pet’s internal health. It will also act as a baseline for any future tests and tell us about the red and white blood cells, general biochemistry, kidney and liver function, proteins, electrolytes and thyroid status.

The collection of urine also helps us complete the picture of your pet’s health. It helps us assess kidney function, diabetes potential and urinary tract problems. If possible, please bring along to your appointment a urine sample in a clean container (or you can pick a container up from us for your collection).

As a token of our appreciation, we are also offering you other “freebies” to go along with the senior health campaign. Dogs will receive ear smear cytology. There are also big discounts on Royal Canin premium pet food where you buy a bag of food and receive a bag for free.

Special offers are also available on our dental procedures with a 20% discount if your dog needs to have a dental. 

Senior Dental Promo

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

Kind Regards Pittwater Animal Hospital

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