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So – There was this terrible smell

Charli is a nearly 16 year old poodle cross. She doesn’t look that old though!

Charli came in to see Dr Jill, happy, healthy but smelling absolutely dreadful. After lots of sniffing, the problem was most concentrated about her mouth. The skin around her mouth was a little red and moist but not dramatically inflamed.

A sticky tape test was performed. This is where you apply sticky tape to pick up cells from the area, stain it, then examine the slide under the microscope.

Wow! her mouth was absolutely heaving with a superficial yeast infection. These are the peanut growths seen below.

On the second slide there are also some bacteria as well as yeast.

Treatment plan

The microscopic information guides us to treatment. Knowing there are such large numbers of yeast the plan was.

  • Wash Charli twice weekly in antifungal shampoo and change her bedding at the same time
  • Clip Charli’s hair short all over.
  • Charli was also treated with antifungal capsules.

Hopefully with Christmas coming up the very pretty Charli can also be pleasant smelling.

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