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Most surgery performed at Pittwater Animal Hospital is soft tissue surgery performed under general anaesthetic. This is ably performed by our veterinarians, many of whom are skilled surgeons.

These surgeries include

  • Male and female desexing
  • Excision of skin lumps
  • Excision of deeper growths
  • Biopsy of tumours
  • Abdominal exploration surgery
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Splenectomy
  • Intestinal blockage surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Ear surgery such as haematomas
  • Amputations

All surgeries are discussed and costs estimated before the procedure begins. 

Reception will contact you the night before to discuss any concerns and update advice and estimates.

Animals coming in for surgery arrive at 8 am in the morning with an empty stomach. A discharge time is usually arranged at this time.

Pre surgery advice for dogs and cats

Pre surgery advice for rabbits and other pets

A sedative and pain relief injection is given on arrival so that your pet is settled and unworried.

An intravenous catheter is placed in dogs and cats so that fluids and medications can be administered.

All dogs and cats will have a blood test on the day of surgery. (Even if your pet appears to be healthy, the blood tests can reveal hidden problems which may effect the anaesthetic.)

Pre anaesthetic testing

An experienced veterinarian and qualified veterinary nurse will administer the anaesthetic and carefully monitor you pet throughout the procedure.

The procedure will be carried out in our dedicated surgery suite.

After the procedure, your pet is carefully monitored in the cat or dog hospital.

Your veterinarian will message or call you when the procedure is completed. (Please answer your phone on the day of surgery.)

Most patients go home the same day with after care instructions given by a veterinary nurse.

After care instructions

Post operative checks are then booked, usually in the following week. These checks are usually not charged but if further medication or dressings are needed these will be charged for.

Many of our insured animals take advantage of the Gap Only feature where the insurance company agrees to pay it’s part of the invoice. This significantly decreases out of pocket costs.

For more information about pet insurance refer to our FAQ page.


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