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Over the past decade we have seen an increasing number of veterinary specialist services become available to Sydney veterinarians. Medical and Surgical care for your pets has advanced dramatically in this time.

Pittwater Animal Hospital has excellent working relationships with a number of veterinary specialists. This access has meant we can quickly contact a range of specialists when complex problems arise.

For more difficult problems we will discuss the pros and cons of referral to one of the veterinary specialists who has earned our trust and confidence. This can give your pet the optimal chance of cure or management of problems.

A word of caution. Specialists are independent practitioners and we have no control over their fees.  We can estimate approximate costs before you take your pet to a specialist, but it is recommended to ask about any and all charges when you call to make an appointment.

Our sense of responsibility doesn’t end just because you’ve taken your pet to a specialist. If you find yourself faced with difficult decisions regarding the recommended treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your veterinarian will be pleased to help you evaluate your options.

Specialist ultrasounds and assessments can be arranged at Pittwater Animal Hospital through NARS. The specialist comes to our hospital to perform the procedure, review the case and give advice to your veterinarian as to the best management of the problem.

Dr Eugene Buffa and his team perform regular veterinary specialist surgery at Pittwater Animals Hospital, as part of our Specialist Cruciate Surgery program. During visits to Pittwater Animal Hospital Dr Buffa also reviews difficult cases to assess for possible surgery.

More complex cases, especially those who need 24 hour care will need to go to a specialist hospital.

Our clients are often referred to either

Northside Veterinary Specialists  NVS at Terrey Hills

Small Animal Specialist Hospital SASH at North Ryde

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