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The danger of running off into the bushes.

This is Ziggy. He was having a wonderful walk around Narrabeen Lake when he took off into the bushes. He came back with a sore left leg and the most enormous splinter sticking out of his skin.

Easy…. just pull it out. Actually it was not so easy.

The splinter was deep in his leg and he was not happy with his owner trying to pull it out. He was also not happy with Dr Tanian trying to pull it out.

The next day, Ziggy came in for a full general anaesthetic. The first splinter was easy to pull out once he was asleep. Wow – it was about 15mm long.

A second splinter could be felt just to the side of the first. It was buried deep under the skin.

Ziggy was prepared for surgery and an incision was made to retrieve the large splinter – a palm frond.Ouch!

We are hoping no pieces are left under the skin to cause an ongoing infection. Ziggy woke up well and should be fine to go off and explore Narrabeen Lake again…..carefully.

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