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The Foxie and Jack Russell are the Toyota Corollas of the dog world.

Of all the dog breeds that just go and go it’s the Foxie or Jack Russell Terrier. They are low maintenance, sturdy and an absolute joy to have in the family for year after year. This is why we think of them as the Toyota Corolla (or for younger people Toyota Yaris) of the dog world. Dr Jill had a 1969 Corolla – it just went and went and went.

Meet Anubis. He came in for a routine health check and nail clip and is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD! Anubis has usually weighed about 6kg but for the last few years has been stable on 5.8kg. He is still well muscled and has a healthy appetite – though he can be picky.

What is his secret? Genetics and excellent care. Like most Jack Russell’s and Foxie’s he has suffered from a significant build up of tartar through life so Anubis has had regular dentals under anaesthetic and has lost a number of teeth. His last dental scale and polish was when he was 16 years old. At the moment his teeth are grubby but not inflamed so he doesn’t need a dental this year.

Anubis also has a wonderfully normal heart sound for his age.

So the secret to a long life

  • A healthy heart
  • A good appetite
  • Great dental care
  • And most importantly a kind and loving family.

After having had his health check, Anubis is keen to go home. See him striding out the door.

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