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The Great Grooming Crisis of 2022/23

Have you had troubles getting your dog groomed? You are not alone. It is really hard to get into a groomer on the Northern Beaches.

This is 10 month old Billy. He is a beautiful Cavoodle. Billy came in because he had an itchy, red ear. His owners had been trying to groom him at home, as it was so difficult to get into a groomer.

From a distance Billy looks great, but up close he is getting lots of discharge below his eyes and his beard was wet and smelly. Under the microscope that wet layer under his chin was absolutely hooching with yeast. (Malassezia)

Malassezia are the peanut shaped organisms seen under the microscope.

His ears had a thick layer of hair causing irritation. His right ear also had a malassezia infection.

Smear from the right ear

Just treating Billy’s ear was not going to solve the problem. Billy needed a fancy makeover.

Billy was given a full general anaesthetic. His coat was clipped short all over and he was washed in antifungal shampoo. His ears were plucked and cleaned then he had a long acting treatment applied to his right ear.

A few hours later we sent home a brand new dog! Yes, unrecognisable. Billy will be so easy to keep clean over the next few months and will be much easier to groom. We think he will be much more comfortable and happier.

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