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The Pet Health Passport App

Introducing a fabulous new pet record keeping app for your phone.
PAH is trialing the Pet Health Passport. It can:
– Store your pet’s vaccination and desexing certificates.
– Add parasite control with reminder notifications.
– Add medication with reminder notifications.
– Easily photograph or video changes in your pet that can be shown to your vet in a consultation.
– Record any problems or symptoms in real time for an accurate record.
If you would like to be an early adopter and try the app
– Download the Pet Health Passport app onto your phone
– Look up Pittwater Animal Hospital as your vet or scan the clinic code in this post
– Make a profile for your pet
– The same pet profile can be shared with other family members
This app does not link to our veterinary records and will certainly not replace our reminder systems or usual vaccination records. But, for people who like things organised, this is the best system we have found and has the backing of a large company Boehringer-Ingelheim Australia.
Have a bit of fun and try it out.

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