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Three boy cats on “Wee Watch”.

What do these three handsome boy cats have in common?
They are all staying at PAH learning how to wee properly again.

Male cats have very small penises. (Yes, that is a very sad fact.) If they get a build up of crystals, protein or crud in the bladder it can easily get stuck as it goes through the narrow little penis on the way out. This can be absolutely disastrous. The bladder becomes overfull and the kidneys start to fail.

Microscopic crystals in the urine
Socrates, Paul and Buster were all in trouble last week with blocked bladders. To save their lives they had urinary catheters and intravenous catheters placed to make sure everything got moving again. It can be pretty miserable.
Now the catheters have been removed and they are on “Wee Watch” as they learn how to urinate normally again. Fingers crossed as we wouldn’t want that to happen to any of them again.
Such lovely handsome boys.

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