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Medication that prevents ticks has been changing each year.  Many people are using medications that either don’t work well, are given at the wrong dose or at incorrect intervals.

No tick prevention is ever 100%. You should search your pets daily in tick areas between August and February. The peak tick season is in October.

For the most up-to-date tick prevention, drop into Pittwater Animal Hospital. We can weigh your pet and tailor the best medication for them. Our reminder system will then prompt you when the medication is due.

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Pittwater Animal Hospital can provide you with the safest tick protection. Your pet’s medication will then be kept on our records and you can order online when needed. Your veterinarian will always know your pet is up to date. 

Why buy your tick protection from Pittwater Animal Hospital

Ask us about a Pittwater Preventative Medication Review. This can give you peace of mind that you have all your pets needs covered for any other preventative conditions.

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How to find a tick on your pet

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