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Uh oh….Your dog eats a mushroom….what to do?

Three times this week we have had dogs present having eaten wild mushrooms….. What to do?

Unless you have a PhD in mushroom identification it is very difficult to tell the difference between a safe and a toxic mushroom.

The recent rain has meant your backyard and the local nature strips are a minefield for the mushroom loving pup. Luckily young Neville pictured seems quite uninterested. He limits his scavenging efforts to sultanas, chocolates, school wraps (usually straight from the school bag), compost and strangely…. passion-fruit tea bags.

The problem is we don’t know enough about each individual wild mushroom to know if they are safe or not. We do know some are poisonous!

If your dog has just eaten any wild mushroom it is best to call Pittwater Animal Hospital and we will get you to come down immediately to make it vomit. (The first rule of treating a possible poisoning is to quickly decontaminate.)

If your dog is unwell after eating mushrooms we may also suggest blood tests or even supportive care on intravenous fluids.

It is so great to have the rain….. but watch out for the mushrooms.

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