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Veterinary bills can be costly especially if unexpected problems arise.

This is why we recommend insurance in young animals before they have any preexisting conditions – see FAQs about Pet Insurance in Dogs

If you have an unexpected veterinary expense and can not pay, we recommend you apply to VetPay.

VetPay can be used for veterinary expenses over $500.

The application is done online and takes about 30 minutes if you have all your information available.

Once you have been approved, you pay a deposit for veterinary treatment to Pittwater Animal Hospital. The treatment is then performed and VetPay will pay the remaining invoice. Repayments are then deducted from your account every 2 weeks.

Please refer to VetPay website for charges.

Charges include an annual fee of $49. Processing payment fee of $2.50 each 2 weeks plus an interest rate of 18.4% per annum. Accounts can be paid off at any time. If additional veterinary treatment is needed the more funds can be accessed.


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