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Many animals present to Pittwater Animal Hospital for vomiting. Although it is a common problem, vomiting itself is not a specific disease. Many conditions can cause vomiting and it can take a thorough physical examination plus a range of diagnostic tests, before your veterinarian can narrow down the possible causes. 

Many pets will vomit occasionally with no concerning health problems. If your pet is vomiting frequently (every few days), is losing weight, or is unwell you should book an appointment.

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Your vet will want to know

  • How long has the vomiting gone on?
  • When does the vomiting happen in relation to eating?
  • What is your pet vomiting?
  • Does your pet have diarrhoea?
  • Does your pet have any other changes such as decreased appetite or increased thirst?
  • What tick prevention is your pet on, as sometimes the only sign of tick poisoning is vomiting

When your pet presents at Pittwater Animal Hospital

  • First they will be weighed. This weight can be compared to earlier vet visits.
  • A thorough history is taken while we look for any changes in your pets condition.
  • When your pet is examined gum colour, breathing,  posture, body temperature and heart rate will be assessed. Hopefully your pet can relax so we can palpate the abdomen.
  • The vet will then discuss their assessment of possible causes of vomiting. Remember there are a vast array of conditions that will cause vomiting.
  • The vet may recommend conservative treatment at home and perhaps prescribe some medication.
  • Further tests may be recommended such as blood tests, urine tests, xrays or ultrasound.
  • Unwell animals may be admitted into our hospital for intensive care with fluid therapy and medications.

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