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Warm Weather + Rain in August = TICKS

Tick seasons begin quickly and take a lot of our clients by surprise. Is your cat or dog up to date with tick protection? If the answer is NO, we have organised an easy solution for you to protect your pets while staying covid safe.

Click and collect from the vet:

12 months Dog Bravecto® Chewables + worming only costs $188

The correct dose of medication will be made up for your pet and you can drive by and pick it up in a few hours once we have sent you an SMS. Pick up is contactless: simply ring reception on arrival, 9913 7979, your products will be placed on the table outside the vet and you can then tap and pay.

  • You will be using what we consider to be the most effective product – based on years of experience.
  • Your pet will receive the optimal dose. (Sometimes this is a slightly higher dose than recommended if your pet is at the top of the weight range.)
  • You will receive SMS reminders every time the medication should be given.
  • Your pet’s tick control plan is added to your pet’s health record. 
  • You will be supporting a local business that cares for your pets. 

Should I delay and wait until later?

The sooner you start tick medication the sooner protection will start. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we try to keep our prices down so that we know you have the best products at an affordable price. REMEMBER. Whatever you spend on tick control is so much less than the expense of tick paralysis treatment and the heartache of having an unwell pet. (Try to pick up protection today.)

Purchasing 12 months protection for your dog in a bundle with worm tablets is the most economical protection. Our three-monthly SMS reminders ensure you have the best chance of keeping up-to-date with protection.  Six months or 3 months of medication is also available.

Bravecto® bundles supply 12 months Bravecto® chewables at the correct dose plus 12 months intestinal worming to be dosed every quarter with the Bravecto®.

Our prices are very competitive – costing $188 for any sized dog for the entire year!

Pittwater Animal Hospital recommends either Bravecto® spot-on or Revolution Plus® for cats

Six months cat medication: Bravecto® $79.80     or       Revolution Plus – (includes worming) $105.80

In high-risk areas add a Seresto Collar $62.40

Seresto collars® can give your cat or dog added protection over the worst of the tick season. Collars cost $62.40 for any size and give 4 months of paralysis tick protection.

Don’t delay – order today!

Click and collect from the vet:

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