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Important Health Information

Over 50 years of caring for your pets we have treated an enormous variety conditions. Pittwater Animal Hospital is very well regarded in the community because we can provide sensible, educated, experienced advice about your animals problems. 

Many conditions can be well managed locally with our excellent facilities. However we also know when to recommend referral for the more complex and sometimes grave problems your pets can present with.

Conditions which we often manage include

Anal Glands / Anal Sacs

Arthritis Management

Behavioural Problems

Bird Intensive Care

Blocked Bladders

Cruciate Ligament Tears

Cushing’s Disease

Dental Disease



Ear Problems

Eye Disease

Heart Disease

Itchy Skin

Kidney Disease

Laryngeal Paralysis

Liver Disease

Mobility Disorders


Seizure Disorders

Skin and Ear Disease

Thyroid Disease

Tick Paralysis Treatment


and alas incurable disease requiring euthanasia

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