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When is the best time to insure your new puppy? Yesterday!!

Izzy is a beautiful little cavoodle puppy. She came into Pittwater Animal Hospital for her free puppy check and she was already fully insured. Izzy was in perfect health but a few days later she wiggled off the bed and landed heavily on her left front foot. Izzy was instantly cry and upset so she was taken up to NEVS at 9 o’clock at night.

Izzy was given pain relief and had x-rays taken.

The x-rays are quite light and more difficult to see because Izzy is only 13-weeks-old. On the sideways view, you can see that she has fractured metacarpals, (these are the long bones in your hand). From the front view if you look closely Izzy has broken three of the metacarpals.

A supportive dressing was applied and this was monitored and reapplied once at Pittwater Animal Hospital. At  3 weeks there was little healing, but at 6 weeks the bones had healed very well.

Izzy has healed well and her dressing has been removed. A few weeks later she is walking without a limp. A great result, even better that most of her treatment was paid for by the insurance company!

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