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Why buy your Tick Protection at the Vet.

It is tick season again and we are seeing reports up and down the beaches of dogs and cats being paralyzed by ticks. Tick paralysis is an awful condition which can easily kill your pet.

Interestingly, over the past 5 years the number of affected dogs and cats at Pittwater Animal Hospital has fallen dramatically. Our regular clients rarely have affected animals as they are constantly reminded about remembering their tick control and searching their pets. Our regular clients are very careful that the most effective medication is being used at the correct dose at the right time.

When you purchase your tick protection from Pittwater Animal Hospital

  • You are using what we consider to be the most effective product at the time – based on years of experience.
  • Your pet will receive the optimal dose. (Sometimes this is a slightly higher dose than recommended if your pet is at the top of the weight range.)
  • You will receive SMS reminders every time the medication should be given.
  • Your pet’s tick control plan is added to your pet’s health record. 
  • You will be supporting a local business that cares for your pets. 

Remember, whatever you spend on tick control is so much less than the expense of tick paralysis treatment and the heartache of having an unwell pet. 

One of our patients after a tick clip.

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